Deaf Catholics applaud Vatican’s addition of sign language to streamed services

The Vatican’s YouTube channel streamed the Easter service of Pope Francis with American Sign Language for the first time this year.

The effort is part of the Vatican’s new “No One Excluded” project. An app will be out soon that is intended for people with sensory disabilities, according to Vatican News. Next year, more sign languages could be added.

Jimmy Smith, who attends the St. Francis Borgia Deaf Center in Chicago is quoted by the Catholic Courier as saying:

“It allows me to experience the talks and addresses at the same time with our hearing brothers and sisters, not waiting for someone to transcribe the addresses or talks. It also allows us be on par with our hearing Catholic brothers and sisters and also participate any discussions regarding the talks and addresses. Before this, by the time we get the transcriptions, the discussions have come and gone. Now, no more.”

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