The Gally Student at the Capitol

Vitali GossJankowski was the Gallaudet University student who stormed the U.S. Capitol with an unruly mob on January 6.

GossJankowski is in this wanted poster wearing black sunglasses and a blue ski jacket

He waved a stun gun in videos from the assault and was arrested on federal charges a couple of weeks later. GossJankowski may have had a role in the attack on a police officer at the Capitol.

He born in Russia adopted by an American couple. His mother is a former dean of Gallaudet University’s Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center and recently published a biography of one of the institution’s first female graduates,“ according to the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

GossJankowski attended Gallaudet’s Model Secondary School for the Deaf and played football for Gallaudet as an undergraduate. He first attended the Rochester Institute of Technology but was suspended for putting Nazi swastikas symbols on a public board.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has put together a deep dive into his background. You can read it here (there is a paywall).