CODA signs at inauguration

Georgia fire captain (and CODA) Andrea M. Hall recited the Pledge of Allegiance using American Sign Language at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

(image Andrea Hall)

This may be the first time the pledge was recited simultaneously spoken and in ASL at a U.S. Inauguration. Hall is the fire captain in the city of South Fulton, not far from Atlanta. She is the first African American woman firefighter to serve as captain there. You can read more about her appointment here. She first became a firefighter in 1993, back in her hometown of Albany located in south Georgia. Hall told WFXL-TV in an interview that she hopes to be an inspiration to others.

Stay focused on what’s in front of you and even when you come upon obstacles or there are things that you think are slowing you down, just keep your head down. Continue to persevere and you just never know where great things are going to come from for you.

Her sister, Whitney, told many on Facebook what few know: Their father is deaf and graduated from the Georgia School for the Deaf. Read more about Andrea Hall here.