College Interpreting Program Awarded more than Two Million

The Idaho State University sign language interpreting program is getting a federal grant of $2.1 million.

image: Elizabeth Schniedewind (Gallaudet edu)

The money comes from the Rehabilitation Services Administration and will go toward the Equity in Healthcare Interpreting project. It's a join venture between ISU and Gallaudet University. The goal is to improve the experience and care of deaf, deaf-blind and hard-of-hearing individuals in healthcare settings because research shows that they experience discrimination when accessing health care and often get unqualified interpreters.

ISU researcher Elizabeth Schniedewind, clinical associate professor for sign language interpreting, will work with Campbell McDermid, associate professor of interpretation and translation in Gallaudet’s School of Language, Education and Culture. Schniedewind says:

“It is my hope that by increasing the number of interpreters qualified to provide services in healthcare settings, the care deaf patients receive will improve. After testing, the curriculum will be made available to the public, allowing interpreters to begin their journey towards specialization in this much-needed area of service.”

Read more about the grant here and here or watch the video below.