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Excluded from Jury Duty, Deaf Lawyer Sues the Court

Spencer Kontnik is taking on the Denver County Court for what he says is a clear violation of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.

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The Denver lawyer, who specializes in disability issues and uses a cochlear implant, was called to serve jury duty in a little over a year ago. He set

Kontnik — who uses a cochlear implant, hearing aids and other courtroom accommodations for his hearing impairment — made arrangements with the Denver Office of Sign Language Services to have a translation interpreter provide real-time captioning services during jury selection. But the services were not needed because when he arrived he was told he was being dismissed from jury duty because he is deaf. The lawsuit claims the judge and the attorneys involved in the case said they didn't want Kontnik to slow down the trial. The judge didn't even bother to talk to Kontnik before making the decision, according to the suit.

You can read the lawsuit here.

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