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Oscar Winner Marlee Matlin talks about being a TV director

Marlee Matlin went behind the camera to direct an episode of the FOX anthology series Accused.

Marlee Matlin (Gold Derby video)

She says:

“Directing has always been in the back of my mind. Ever since I started working as an actor … I had to really pay attention to everything that was going on on the set.”

Accused is based on a British series of the same name and tells a different story in each episode of a defendant on trial for a crime. Matlin directed Ava’s Story, in which a deaf woman (played by Stephanie Nogueras) is accused of kidnapping the child she carried as a surrogate for a hearing couple. Ava is conflicted when she learns that the baby’s parents plan to have her go through cochlear implant surgery.

Gold Derby spoke with Matlin as part of its Meet the Experts TV directors panel.

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